Nike Dunk SB Low x The Powerpuff Girls 'Buttercup'


Introducing the Nike Dunk SB Low collaboration with The Powerpuff Girls, showcasing the dynamic 'Buttercup' edition. This exclusive release encapsulates the essence of the beloved animated series, merging iconic design with Nike's unparalleled craftsmanship. The 'Buttercup' iteration pays homage to the character with a vibrant and distinct aesthetic.

These sneakers feature an eye-catching colour palette inspired by Buttercup, incorporating bold green hues reminiscent of the character's persona, accompanied by accents of black and contrasting elements. The design exudes a playful yet stylish vibe, capturing the essence of the character's adventurous spirit.

Celebrate nostalgia and individuality with the Nike Dunk SB Low 'Buttercup,' a unique collaboration that embodies style and a tribute to The Powerpuff Girls' iconic characters.

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